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According to Derrida, architecture, like text, can be deconstructed, both in its pillars, arcades, blocks and sets as well as in its structuring concepts. Structures is the title of the clothing-objects series of Deolinda Aguiar. Transformed into unstable compositions when they are undone, they lose their firm and robust air and parade as beggars materials destitute of their social value; and no more usable. To restructure, deconstruct any object or clothing are procedures used by the artist to reveal both personal and social internal structures. Undo a wedding dress, a man's shirt, or other clothing, removed its original function of covering the body socially, eliminates its solidity, makes that element precarious and, at the same time, transforms the action into an exotic ritual. By moving an everyday object from its context to a gallery or artist's workshop, a semantic slip is made. Deolinda dialogues with the architecture of space using structural materials displaced from their context to reflect the structures of power, the relationships of tension and accommodation, limit, displacement, memory, erasure, fragility, silence. Such procedures allow to bring to light, also, the paradox, where the solid and the fragile seem to inhabit the same space, pointing towards another perception of the real, different from the instituted one. Exposing that alienating day-to-day practices can be changed in their structuring concepts.


Ana Montenegro

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